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Health Screenings that Every Woman Should Undergo
Health Screenings that Every Woman Should Undergo

7 Crucial Health Screenings that Every Woman Should Undergo

The right health guidelines are crucial for everyone to stay fit and healthy. According to medical experts, conflicting and controversial health guidelines prove to be most damaging for the people in living with sound health. These days, the terminology medical screening tests is used more often than that in the past. Do you know, exactly what are the tests do you really need in this context.

Read on to learn about some of the vital health screening tests that you need to undergo to stay fit and enjoy a healthy life.

1. Screening for cervical cancer

Name of the test: Pap test, which is similar to swab test for diagnosing the human pappilomavirus.

For whom: Women aged between 21 to 65 should go for it.

How often: Once every 3 or 5 years.

How it helps: The test helps early detection of cervical cancer.

2. Screening for colorectal cancer

Name of the test: Colonoscopy

For whom: Anyone in between 50 and 75 years of age. Women above 76 should consult their doctors regarding undergoing this screening test.

How often: Once in every 10 years.

How it helps: It helps detecting colon cancer and even the cases of polyps or precancerous lesions.

3. Screening for breast cancer

Name of the test: Mammogram

For whom: Women aged in between 50 and 74.

How often: Once every alternate year for normal women. However, individuals having a family history of ovarian or breast cancer should go for this particular health screening more frequently, as suggested by medical experts.

How it helps: It is the most dependable procedure in the medical world to diagnose breast cancer.

4. Screening for high blood pressure

How the test is done: Rolling an arm cuff to measure the blood flow in the vein

For whom: Every woman, aged 18 and above.

How often: Once a year.

How it helps: High blood pressure is the single major risk factor that leads to various heart diseases. Women, who are on the threshold of developing high BP are recommended the right diet, workout strategies and even medication.

5. Screening for lipid panel

What the test is about:It tests all the kinds of fat in your blood, namely the HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

For whom: Women aged in between 20 and 45.

How often: Once a year.

How it helps: In reducing the chances of heart diseases, heart attacks and strokes.

6. Screening for hepatitis C

Name of the test: Hep C virus test

For whom: Baby boomers

How often: Once a year.

How it helps: Reduces the risk of liver cirrohosis and liver cancer.

7. Osteoporosis screening

Name of the test: Bone density test

For whom: Women above 65 and above.

How often: Normally, once in every 10 years.

How it helps: Alarms your doctor about any slip in your bone mass.

These days, health complexities are steadily increasing in the society. Thus, doctors emphasise upon Full Health Screening at routine intervals to ensure healthy life for patients. Apart from the tests mentioned above, screening for blood glucose and mental health quotient are important too for every woman to enjoy a healthy and wealthy life.