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Private Blood TEst
Private Blood TEst

Conduct Blood Test at Harley Street Clinic to Know About Your Health

Everyone has proteins present in the blood. These proteins carry our various tasks and the more researchers know about them, the more they can tell you about what is going on in your body. You may visit a Doctor in Harley Street to conduct different blood tests and know if you are suffering from any disease. Check out some surprising things that might reveal about you.

Age factor

Your age describes how old your internal systems and body are as compared to others in the same group. You may be 52 years old but your biological age will resemble as 48 years. According to a study conducted in 2015, it had been found that they could recognize biological age with protein levels and kinds in the blood samples of people. By making a comparison of your blood to the model, they may gauge how to stack up.

Alzheimer risk

You can lessen the risk of Alzheimer by 10 years from now. As per UK researchers, your blood sugar level might indicate if you can develop Alzheimer 10 years before there is any symptom. However, this research is yet preliminary that may lead to effective treatments in future.

Suffer from concussion

There is a protocol that evaluates if you are suffering from concussion. This is a shocking brain injury that might not show clear symptoms in the hours during the event. This is a major problem for the athletes as getting another blow on the head soon after concussion may lead to long-term problems.

Level of dehydration

Dehydration may increase the level of fatigue, put stress on the heart and make it difficult to think properly. Old adults in assisted living usually suffer from dehydration because they do not drink sufficient amount of fluid. However, the same research has revealed a blood test that tells if you are suffering from it. The test will help save lives of the adults who do not know when they have drunk less water.

Severity of the blues

It might be difficult for some people to distinguish between healthy and sinister forms of depression. Experts believe it is not actually possible to discover mood swings with brain scans. However, a recent study has revealed that there is a specific chemical for the brain (also found in blood) that denotes whether you are actually low on the hormones of happiness. The doctors will prescribe effective drugs for treating clinical depression.

Cold or virus

Blood tests will help doctors to know about every cold or virus you have suffered earlier. According to a study, human body develops antibodies for the disease you may fend off. The antibodies kick around in the bloodstream throughout your life. Other than helping doctors to know about how past sickness affect the immune system and which antibodies are present in the body, this will help suggest effective drugs, as per your body requirement.

Risk for alcohol

There is a specific blood chemical known as that can be elevated among people who are addicted to drinking. The blood chemical is linked with alcoholism amongst old adults and this might help doctors provide effective treatment for alcohol abusers.

Apart from the ones discussed above, anxiety and stress may lead to bad health condition. Experts can spot out the anxiety in the blood by looking for a particular kind of protein that the body releases. For more details consult with doctors at here.