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Common Causes of Miscarriage
Common Causes of Miscarriage

5 Common Causes of Miscarriage Every Woman Should Know

Abnormalities in the uterine and cervix

If you have an abnormal shaped uterus, there may be miscarriage since the embryo cannot implant properly or if it does implant, it might not get the proper nourishment required for survival. Usually, uterine abnormalities are the reasons for near about 10 percent of miscarriage issues.

What can be done?

Your physician might not find these issues till you face recurrent miscarriages, or your pregnancy is well under way. The positive is that uterine septum can be treated by performing surgery.

Immunologic Disorders

When the sperm enters the body of a woman, pregnancy takes place. However, a fertilized egg usually sends a message to the mother and thus, pregnancy proceeds further. There are certain cases when the embryo is not accepted by the woman's body. In this situation consult with gynaecologist or Get in touch with us to get the right treatment.

What you can do

There has not been proper research done in this specific area. Though the treatments are believed to be experimental, there has been a great success while treating women with aspirin, certain steroids and heparin.

Thyroid and diabetes problems

Thyroid conditions and unrestrained diabetes are associated with adverse uterine environments. Due to such conditions, the embryo might find it difficult to survive.

What might be done?

It is advised to follow the suggestion of your doctor and get diabetes under control. Thyroid conditions can also be treated with proper medication.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Women who have PCOS consist of higher levels of male testosterone which may be the reason for irregular menstruation and ovulation. PCOS causes insulin resistance in women who do not have diabetes and prevents endometrial lining from maturing.

What you can do?

The treatment with antidiabetic drugs like metformin (Glucophage) has attained success in reducing miscarriage in women with PCOS.

Spotting is a normal thing in case of early pregnancy. If you find menstrual-like cramps or severe bleeding and abdominal pain, it might be symptoms of miscarriage. These are some gynaecological Problems that Every Woman Should Know at an Early Stage