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Chronic Pelvic Pain and Its Treatment With Remedy
Chronic Pelvic Pain and Its Treatment With Remedy

Chronic Pelvic Pain and Its Treatment with Remedy

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome or CPPS is a notorious medical condition because of the acute pain and disability it brings. Treating this particular medical condition is a challenge even for a well-skilled physician. This is because the acute suffering it causes often forces patients to turn tense, withdrawn and defensive. As a result, the treatment cannot proceed smoothly to deliver expected results.

Doctors in London have been treating acute cases of CPPS with transurethral resection of the prostate or TURP. However, many Private Gynecologists in London prefer radical prostatectomy, eliminating any other alternative in the extreme cases.

A chronic medical condition

It may be noted here, CPPS is neither a disease nor any syndrome. It is just a medical condition, like chronic arthritis. Unfortunately, it is medically treatable but not curable. Wellbeing of a patient solely depends on the mutual understanding and cooperation between the individual and his or her physician. If these understanding and cooperation remain intact over a period of time, the patient may enjoy a more relaxed and easier life. Moreover, the condition may improve to such a level that the problem will attain a stabilised state on its own.

Usually it is seen, a patient undergoes a number of treatment procedures at a time to overcome the problem of CPPS. Trying out multiple treatments together proves to be more inconvenient for any patient. Moreover, it can result to adverse affect, as one procedure may negate the result of another.

Importance of psychological counselling

In this overall circumstance, every CPPS patient requires mental help and support. Tranqulisers need to be administered to these patients to maintain calm. As such, psychologists or psychiatrists should also be included in team to treat these cases. If people, suffering from CPPS are not given proper psychological support, they are likely to develop depressive disorder. Private gynecologists in London opine, this further complicates a case and brings more miseries for a patient.

These patients always need to be reassured that CPPS is not potentially terminal like cancer. Neither it is a veneral nor a contagious disease. As such, the patients neither acquire this medical condition from anyone else and nor do they transmit it to anyone.

Categorisation of cases

CPPS patients often exhibit a wide range of symptoms. In addition to that, the intensity of the symptoms varies widely. Thus, medical experts have categorised these patients into various subgroups, according to their predominating symptoms. This categorisation is known as UPOINT classification. Based on these subgroups, it is expected that more accurate treatment and well-tailored can be provided to the patients.

This UPOINT classification is actually a 6-point system at many Private Gynecologist Practices in London. It includes,

  • U for Urinary symptoms
  • P for Psychosocial symptoms
  • O for Organ-specific symptoms (such as the prostate)
  • I for Infection-related symptoms
  • N for Neurologic/systemic symptoms and
  • T for Tenderness in the muscles and pelvic floor symptoms

At our Walk in Centre in London our Doctors can identify and treatment the cause and stop the pain. It has experienced medical experts and technically sound support staffs to handle these patients. You can seek an appointment here any time, either for a second opinion or for availing the thorough treatment.