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cause and symptoms for kidney infection
cause and symptoms for kidney infection

The Causes and Symptoms for Kidney Infection

Urinary tract infection or UTI is a common medical problem these days. An increasing number of people suffer from it at some stage of life or other. In common terms, it is often referred to as kidney problem although in medical expression, it is termed as renal infection or pyelonephritis.

The cause behind

Doctors associated with private medical centre says, It is caused by the bacteria, named E. coli. Before getting into the signs and symptoms of kidney infection, check out some quick facts relevant to the disease.

  • Kidney infections can be divided into two types – complicated and uncomplicated infections.
  • There can be a number of causes behind this disease, including weak immune system and stones in the kidney.
  • The infection can be diagnosed by a urine test.
  • However, the test cannot point out the exact location of the infection.
  • Sometimes, the infection simultaneously affects both the bladder and the kidney.

The kidney functions in removing toxins from our body. Hence, it is of utmost importance to cure such medical complications on an immediate basis. Thankfully, there are many dependable private medical centre to cure patients suffering from this medical condition.

Potential sufferers

The women folk are more commonly affected by this type of infection. It can affect almost anyone, including pregnant women, individuals who are above 60 and a child who is barely 2 years old.

Blood poisoning or Sepsis

If the infection is not treated promptly and completely cured, it can have serious complications. The infection not only damages the kidney but, at severe level, it leads to poisoning of the blood or Sepsis.

Therefore, it is more important to keep your kidneys healthy and maintain to safely prevent the disease in the first place. Usually, the infection is cured with antibiotics. However, in extreme cases, patients may have to be hospitalised.

Reasons behind the disease

There could be lot of reasons behind this medical condition. Some of the major ones include:

  • Weakened immune system leading to fungal or bacterial infection on the skin
  • Gradually, the infection passes into the bloodstream and attacks the kidney
  • Lack of proper toilet hygiene
  • Presence of kidney stones
  • Presence of urinary catheter

According to the experts who deal with kidney infection symptoms and treatment, the risk is higher for sexually active women. Men with enlarged prostate are prone to develop the infection.


There are innumerable symptoms of the disease. Actually, the infection spreads very fast, hardly within a few hours or a day at the most. Common kidney infection symptoms include:

  • Pain when urniating
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Uncontrollable shivering
  • Vomiting
  • A high body temperature (usually, above 38ºC or 100.4ºF)
  • Back pain
  • Pain in the groin


Antibiotics usually form the first line of treatment in curing the problem of kidney infection. As such, there are reputed Private Medical Centre in London like Medical Express Clinic that provide comprehensive solutions to cure the medical condition.

Medical experts associated with these clinics prescribe the exact drugs to patients depending upon the following conditions:

  • A patient’s health condition and
  • The type of bacteria present

The urine test itself reveals the nature of bacteria that causes the disease. It is important to cure the infection completely with proper medication and care as prescribed by the doctor. For further enquiry and appointment, you can visit us at Medical Express Clinic at Marylebone, London.