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private gynecologist london
private gynecologist london

Appointment with a Gynaecologist - Some Instances to go for Consultation

According to medical experts in London, every girl should have her first gynaecological checkup between the age of 13 to 15 years. As such, this special medical check-up should continue for a lifetime because, every woman has specific healthcare needs that require be specially attended to. Every woman is bound to experience significant changes with her reproductive health along the course of life.

Yet a large number of women do not go for routine appointment with gynaecologist in London and they seek help only when a specific problem arises. The majority of this crowd is too busy with their career to squeeze out time for a physician, while others are too embarrassed to discuss their intimate problems with a stranger.

However, regular checkups help to detect various gynaecological problems at their initial stages. The earlier these problems are detected, it is easier to treat and cure a patient. Here are some particular symptoms that you should not ignore and avail a proper checkup the moment you experience any of these.

Vaginal itching

Vaginal itching is another common women health-related problem. Symptoms of this disease include a burning, itching sensation at one’s vaginal part and its surrounding region. One is also known to experience a whitish discharge from the very private body part and experience pain during sexual intercourse.

According to reputed Private Gynaecologist in London, this problem arises from yeast infection. As such, there are ready-to-use medicines for this problem available at almost every local chemist. But, still it is better to consult a specialist to resolve the issue permanently.

Breast lump

There is nothing to be annoyed on detecting a lump on the breast. In most cases, such developments turn out to be harmless cysts. However, do not ignore to get it diagnosed by a female health specialist.

Pain during urination

Are you experiencing a painful and burning sensation each time you urinate? It is a common gynaecological problem that affects the majority of females. The problem even gets cured on its own after a few days, only to reappear again. In a large number of cases, patients also pass blood through their urine.

If you are going through this crisis, do not waste time to make an appointment with a London gynaecologist. Patients experiencing this symptom usually suffer from the medical problem of UTI and doctors normally recommend a urine test in such cases to ascertain it. Finally, a patient is prescribed with a course of antibiotics till total cure is obtained.

Experiencing irregular periods is another common gynaecological problem faced by hundreds and thousands of women. In case you are having delayed periods you should consider visiting an expert. Even in cases of too frequent periods or infrequent ones one should consult an expert without delay. There are many dependable private gynaecology clinic across the city of London that you can visit to seek proper treatment and enjoy a normal life.