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Tested Facts to Pregnancy
Tested Facts to Pregnancy

6 Tried and Tested Facts to Improve the Chances of Pregnancy

Once you decide to start a family, you will become impatient for it to become a reality. This impatience is very common and happens to almost everybody. Nature plays a crucial role in putting you on the way to become a mother. A senior private consultant gynaecologist associated with a renowned private gynaecology clinic in London says that there are certain things that you can do to boost your chances of getting conceived.

Lets discuss those possibilities in the following paragraphs:

  • Go for a thorough medical check-up first : You should start your effort of getting pregnant with a thorough medical check-up. Make sure that your gynaecologist prescribes you prenatal vitamins that are rich in folic acid. Folic acid is excellent to protect your yet to be born baby from any birth defects that can occur during your pregnancy. It works wonders, especially during early pregnancy.
  • Know your menstrual cycle better : When you know your very own menstrual cycle well, you know when you're most fertile. During that time, your focus should be on having as much unprotected sex as possible. You can predict ovulation by experiencing signs like changes in your cervical mucus. It also turns slippery and thin which indicates the most fertile span in your menstrual cycle. There is also an ovulation prediction kit available in the market.
  • Using birth control pills : A few years ago, the convention way was to wait for some time after stopping your birth-control pills before trying to get pregnant. This is now back-dated, and you don't need that cooling off period anymore. Once you stop taking the pills, you can conceive normally without any wait time.
  • Theres nothing like a best position to get conceived : You may have heard that the missionary position is the most assured way to get pregnant. This is a myth. You are just as likely to get pregnant in any other position. While standing or sitting during an intercourse, however, the sperm may not travel further enough to penetrate the ovum.
  • Lying low after intercourse is just another myth : If you believe the myth that if you lie low with your legs in the air will better your chances of getting pregnant, you are wrong. It doesn't work that way either though it is good to lie on the bed for about 15 minutes after sex before going to the washroom. This allows the sperm enough time to reach the cervix.
  • Stop overdoing sexual intercourse in order to get pregnant faster : Having sex daily during ovulation doesn't improve your chances of getting pregnant. The average lifespan of sperm is 72 hours. Wearing tight-fitting clothes affects ones sperm count in a negative way. Even spending time in a hot tub or the jacuzzi negates one's sperm count. Sperm count also diminishes when you have excessive soy foods.

Go to https://www.medicalexpressclinic.co.uk/ our renowned Harley Street clinic and consult with A gynaecologist who suggests you to keep these factors in mind to get pregnant faster. The rest is in the hands of nature.